The first step of any effective marketing plan is your strategy.  Every piece of content needs to have a purpose and a goal.  Are you trying to create an e-mail database?  Establish yourself as a thought leader?  Make more sales?

Content Creation

Whether you already have a strategy or we create one together, you need a way to implement it.  Content is not an expense, it is an asset.  It can be shared and linked whenever it is relevant.


Constant growth requires constant analysis.  Analyzing your content's page views, shares, external links, and other SEO metrics tells us what adjustments need to be made.   Stay ahead of the competition and adjust before the bust.

Reaching your target market

Think about how frequently we read something: a product description, a news article about a current event, a company's history and find ourselves having to do additional research.  Before you know it, we end up with 10 tabs in our browser open to make sense of what we are reading.

I am here to alleviate that frustration for your consumers.  I write in a way that can reach individuals of varying expertise.  Through the use of analogies and simple English, I am able to explain a difficult concept to someone completely new to it, without "dumbing it down."

Sometimes we need additional insight to make ourselves relatable.  If you have a special niche or style that makes your company unique against its competitors, I can incorporate that into my writing.

In the end, my goal is your goal.  Whatever demographic you are targeting, whatever medium you are trying to communicate through, I can meet you there and take the reins.  All you have to worry about is your business.  I'll take care of the writing.