Back to Basics Finale/Reflection – Back to Business

This is more of a personal reflection than anything.

One of the easiest ways I’ve found to be average is by trying to do everything I want, at the same time.  I still consider it a positive to be interested in so many different topics, but when the rubber hits the road, we need to have a destination.  In Six Months to Six Figures, author Peter Voogd mentions a quote that basically says a great achiever without a map won’t go anywhere, but an average achiever with a map can get anywhere they need to be.

This is something I’ve failed to do.  It is time for me to get back to business.

My primary motivating force right now is career independence.  I want to be able to work from anywhere in the world.  My work should revolve around my life schedule.  I don’t want my life to revolve around my work schedule.  The latter puts a limit on our possibilities.  

My first step towards this end is making sure my work environment is conducive to work.  When it is time to work, I need to have 100% focus on the task at hand.  Currently, I have too much clutter for this to be possible.  The fact that my room is also my office has a lot of inherent weaknesses.  This clutter is one.  

The first step I took, months ago, was purchasing a second desk to designate for working.  My other desk has my PC which is nothing but a massive distraction when it comes to working.  The second desk will have my Chromebook and only materials relevant to my career.  Schedule, pen, notepad, noise-cancelling headphones (thanks Pops, awesome gift).  

By separating work and leisure as much as I can, I alleviate some of the mental tug towards distraction.  I am also organizing my room.  Currently, my book shelves are disorganized, my drawers in the closet have a mismatch of odds and ends.  This needs to be straightened out.

Anytime we have mess we lower our ability to commit.  We can be working at our desk, look over and think “that’s right, I have to do laundry” or “I need to get my suit coat tailored.”  Now, we all realize that this can’t all happen at once.  We need ways to get these things out of our head, especially when they can’t be taken care of immediately.

I am also breaking these tasks down into steps.  Even tasks as simple as organizing my bookshelf are being broken down into steps.  Gather all books on bed, sort by topic, reshelf by topic.  Although this seems silly, it helps the progress go quicker.  Rather than staring at my bookshelf and spending time deciding where to begin, I just begin with step 1 and go down the line.  I am doing this process for my entire room.  And the beauty is that once the major reorganization is complete, I am able to designate just a few minutes per week (or day, depending on project) to maintain it.

Now, as far as the blog goes, I will be taking a two-week hiatus from any formal structure or “series.”  I want to spend some time hashing out a plan for going forward.  If I launch another series, it will be more structured and follow a more defined format.  There will most likely be a blog post those two weeks, but they will just be me rambling like I am here. 

My full-time work schedule will also be switching to a 7/70 shift.  I will be working 10-hour shifts for seven days in a row with the following seven days off.  Depending on how it goes, my blog may be adjusted to every other week.

I want to close this series by saying thanks to all of you who have been reading it.  More to come.

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