Back to Basics: Introduction

This is the introductory post to a series I am calling “Back to Basics.”  I anticipate this being my regular content through February, and that it will appear sporadically going forward.

Back to Basics: Introduction

The Back to Basics series is going to explore simple concepts in more depth than we usually get.  As an example, we all know the concept innocent until proven guilty, but we tend to skip what makes it so important.  Without exploring and appreciating the reasons behind these common concepts, we are likely to abandon them.

Declaring an idea as sacred doesn’t make it so.  The reason some ideas and concepts are sacred is because society agrees that they have value worth embracing.  We can’t simply state a concept, give a couple details, and then expect people to embrace it.

When reflecting on formal education, it becomes clear that our current system misses the mark by a mile.  We get only enough details to pass a test.  We know that we are innocent until proven guilty but don’t explore why.  We know that we have rights as individuals but rarely explore the characteristics of a right.

Any concept that a society deems worthy of embracing needs to stand on its own merit.  This requires that we know and can appreciate those merits.  That is going to be the goal of this series.

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