Peace Through American Strength

Peace Through Strength

Peace through strength is the idea that by being the strongest power on the block, it deters those who would oppose us.  Ronald Reagan remains famous for his enthusiastic support of this idea.

American strength is the greatest tool for peace
Source: Heritage Foundation Twitter

We all want peace.  Each and every one of us knows someone who has served in the military – whether it is a family member or friend.  We hear about the horrifying statistics and outcomes from war.  PTSD, immensely high suicide rates, and other mental health issues are not uncommon.  None of us want war.

As someone who frequently discusses politics in left-leaning hives, I am constantly bombarded by the military industrial complex and that we spend too much on our military, among other ideas.

The best response to this is to ask people to imagine if this power was in the hands of another world power.  If it were Britain, Germany, France, or other allies, we would still probably be okay.  But imagine it in the hands of a country like Russia or Iran.

The world today is fortunate that military imperialism is no longer our goal or desire.

Imagine if we had the same aspirations as Putin’s Russia.  Good bye Canada.  Good bye Mexico.

There is no nation on the planet more capable of handling this responsibility than the United States of America.  We have our faults, but imperfection is universal and eternal.

The only nations that have a reason to fear America are the nations that wish to inflict harm on our allies or ourselves.

The Newest Face of American Strength

On July 22nd, 2017, the USS Gerald R. Ford was officially commissioned by the Navy.  It is the most technologically advanced aircraft carrier in human history.  It is the first of its class.

While I admit that I have my criticisms towards Trump, his gave an excellent speech at the ceremony.

As someone who loves history, I greatly appreciate the time committed to expanding on the future of the vessel and the important piece of history that each and every sailor will be a part of.

But more importantly, It is evident that peace through strength is once again our nation’s policy.  We will be the strongest on the planet.  There will be no enemy that matches our strength.  America is back and only those who wish us harm have anything to fear.

Thanks for reading.  If you believe that peace through strength is the only foreign policy that America can pursue to ensure peace, give it a share.  It goes a long way for both myself and public discourse.

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