Second Amendment – Last Line of Defense

The Second Amendment, as we are well aware, is our right to bear arms.  The gun debate is one we are all familiar with, and frankly, all have an opinion on.

Some individuals argue that the Second Amendment was never meant to be an individual right.  The claim is that our National Guard is the embodiment of this right.

The Supreme Court, in District of Columba v. Heller, did affirm that firearm ownership is an individual protection.  And as we have seen, those nine elected officials are apparently God-kings that have the final say over the law for 320 million Americans, but I digress.

The Second Amendment states:

A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The Original Intent

I’m going to be very frank with you.  The intent of the Second Amendment is to ensure that we the people have the right to own arms in the case of tyrannical overreach.

Many people dismiss this explanation, calling it paranoia and laughing it off.  Piers Morgan did just that to Ben Shapiro, a man who was chosen to live the Thug Life (if you don’t know this reference, just YouTube Ben Shapiro Thug Life, even if you disagree with him it is funny).

When we actually look at history, it is obvious that as a civilized people it would be absolute insanity to declare this right unnecessary.

The fact that most modern nations (which are a minority of the planet) aren’t overtly despotic doesn’t change the fact that we have a right to bear arms for the possibility of a tyrannical government or other force

“Responsible” Gun Regulation

No one is proposing the removal of background checks for firearm purposes.  Even those holding the biggest guns and clutching the most holiest (grammar triggered) Bible support background checks for gun ownership.

I know what you’re thinking, “but Mr. Jake, how come people don’t support purchase restrictions for individuals on the no-fly list?”  Well, this comes down to another one of our beautiful amendments, the Fifth, which is the one you hear politicians use dozens of times during Congressional testimonies.  Beyond being our right against self-incrimination, it is also our right to due process.  

These lists, such as the no-fly and other “person of interest” lists lack the required due process that is required.

Paranoia incoming: Any restriction of rights without due process runs the very serious risk of becoming a tool for oppression.  If the individual has no access to the reasons why they are on such a list, and no path to appeal, then it both violates our 5th Amendment rights and becomes ripe for abuse.

When I say ripe, I am talking about the most perfectly ripe banana you have ever seen.  The kind of beauty that makes your mouth drool.  The kind of ripe that is more appealing than sex.  It’s the perfect storm of conditions for oppression and impulsivity.  How’d we get on the topic of fruit?

Two groups of people who wish they had a Second Amendment protection

I know that both of these situations are not jokes and need to be taken seriously.  My lighthearted take at times is not to demean them.  If we took everything as serious as the mainstream media, there would never be a joke coming out of this country.  We would end up as serious and unfunny as the Germans.


I feel like we just talked about this.  Ah right, I wrote about it last week.  I knew I wasn’t losing my mind.  You should check it out, it’s pretty bomb-diggity.  Alright, back to the topic at hand.

Venezuela’s current government was elected by the people and most of the changes they implemented were supported by the electorate (this is why we can’t have nice things).

Long story short, the government ran out of other people’s money, had no stability due to centralized economic and social controls, and completely collapsed.  Death from starvation is a real possibility in the most oil-rich country on the planet.

Jews during WWII

Even without access to proper weaponry, the Jewish prisoners fought back.  The result was what you would expect when a–mostly–unarmed community faces off against a power with imperialistic ambitions.  They were defeated, sent off to be killed, to serve hard labor, or burned to the ground in their holdouts.

the ghetto fighting organizations have barricaded themselves inside buildings and bunkers, ready to resist the Germans. After three days, German forces begin burning the ghetto, building by building, to force Jews out of the hiding places. Resistance continues for weeks as the Germans reduce the ghetto to rubble

Last line of defense

In our advanced society where we have instant access to anything and everything via our smartphones, we have very short attention spans and forget things quickly.

We need to be constantly educating ourselves and reminding ourselves of the past.  We can’t dwell on it, but we must acknowledge it and consider the implications.

Every time someone uses a gun to inflict harm on innocent lives, our gut reaction is to restrict our freedoms.  Make no mistake, it will happen again.

We must stop giving in to our fears and gut reactions.  We must calm down and preserve Liberty at all costs.  Despite that popular video floating around social media from The Newsroom (We’re not the greatest country in the world, we used to be, yada yada blah blah), we are still one of the only countries with true freedoms and liberties.

If we stop pursuing individual liberty and defending it at all costs, the world will soon follow.

With great power, something something responsibility

-Superhero in some superhero movie

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Author of the Constitution, helped present amendments

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