Three Types of Copy

Copywriting is the bridge between your business and its customers.  As with every marketing tool, there are hundreds of ways to use them.  In my experience, there are three types of copy essential to every business: PR copy, content copy, and SEO copy.

All three have the purpose of growing your business and market share.  Their methods of action, however, vary.

PR Copy

Public relations copy is essential any time there is a change in your business or an announcement needs to be made.  PR copy is useful for communicating:

  • A new business launch or new service offering
  • Announcements of new products
  • Changes to existing policies
  • Changes in ownership or leadership

Any change has the potential to damage trust in your brand.  Even if you feel a change is small, it is worth the investment to run it by a PR professional to ensure the customer receives the message you want delivered.  The last thing your business wants is negative publicity based on a misunderstanding.

Content Copy

Content copy accomplishes two main objectives: keep customers returning and gaining new customers.  This copy can come in many forms depending on your product:

  • Email subscription content chains
  • Step-by-step guides
  • Original content relating to your business
  • Original content that relates to your target market

Giving your customers consistent valuable content creates trust and legitimacy between your business and customer.

SEO Copy

Search engine optimized copy is an essential driver of organic traffic to your website.  It requires a few pieces to be effective:

  • Use of searchable keywords
  • Formatting to ensure accessibility
  • Use of meta descriptions for proper display to the end user

SEO is a relatively new tool and one that many businesses overlook.  With proper SEO utilization, your marketing costs can decrease.  If you are already towards the top of search engines, there is less need for paid advertisement.

Working Together

Copywriting is an asset.  Once it is published, it is another tool in your toolbox.  It can be shared on social media, website signage, physical signage, brochures, and pamphlets.  

These types of copy accomplish three things:  

  • You drive customers to your website with SEO copy,
  • keep them there with content copy
  • Maintain trust through clear communication of your value and values.

If you have any further questions or would like to purchase copy services, contact me at and I will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

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